Deck the Halls: Add Seasonal Decor to Custom Collections with Minimal Inventory

‘Deck the halls’ can really take on a new meaning when working with Maizie Clarke! White Hall Historic House wanted something special in store for their guests during the holiday season and we knew just what would be befitting of such a spectacular historic home! Dressing the mansion in traditional Christmas decor brought the original illustration to life even more. The bold brick mansion was softened with the greens and reds of wreaths adorning the facade. We didn’t stop there! If you happen to luck out and be in Kentucky during a holiday snow, you’ll be among those fortunate enough to see a vision of sparkling white coating the rolling hills and pastures as well as jewel-like icicles naturally decorating the eaves of buildings everywhere! It really is a sight to behold. The soft stillness of a new fallen snow is even more special to experience in the presence of history.

White Hall Historic House, the former home of Kentucky legislator Cassius Marcellus Clay, is one of Kentucky’s state treasures. The grand Italianate mansion is now part of Kentucky’s park system. It features 44 rooms, shaded picnic areas, a gift shop, outside slave quarters and cook buildings. The home was built in the late 1700’s and is nestled amongst still picturesque, rolling farmland. There was a major addition constructed in the 1860’s. The mansion, built in Georgian and Italianate styles, boasts nearly ten thousand square feet with modern innovations of the time such as central heating and indoor plumbing.

It is easy to see why White Hall is one of Kentucky’s hallowed gems. History lovers come from near and far to enjoy the quiet yet majestic beauty of this historic home in the Bluegrass State.

Enhancements to existing artwork to express holidays, seasonality and other special occasions are a minimal cost that pack a maximum punch. At Maizie Clarke we make sure to keep the integrity of the time period and the building intact by collaborating with the museum teams until their illustration reflects the beauty and imagery trying to be conveyed.

A benefit of working with Maizie Clarke is our low minimums. Did you know our minimums on most of our custom pieces ranges from only 6-12 units? That’s pretty amazing if you ask us and even more reason to add some fun seasonal decor to your very own custom collection!

What do you have in store for your guests this holiday season?

Happy Holidays to all! We look forward to seeing you at MSA 2019 in San Diego!