Come by Chance, but Plan to Stay Awhile

It was another typically gorgeous East Coast day when we walked through the front doors of Come by Chance and immediately fell in love. Located in St. Michaels, Maryland, this purveyor of fine home furnishings, decor, exquisite gifts and design services is anything but typical. They truly offer something beautiful and unique for every guest that visits.

As a small, coastal town located on the Chesapeake Bay, St. Michaels serves as home to some and as a vacation destination to many. Families have been vacationing in St. Michaels for decades. Spend a day on the bay or take a walk down Talbot Street and it’s easy to see why. On any given day you’ll feel a camaraderie amongst folks walking through town with their dogs, strollers, friends, ice cream cones and shopping bags. Many of them coming by boat versus car. If you’re familiar with towns like St. Michaels, then you know the scene. It’s truly an iconic vision of small town America. One decorated street serves as the main thoroughfare for dining, shopping and entertainment. A single, two-lane street peppered with a local pharmacy, ice cream shops (dog friendly of course) and anything you could possibly need to enjoy a day of fun in the sun. Towns like St. Michaels are few and far between these days. It is a true getaway that speaks to the soul and offers uninterrupted time to relax and rejuvenate- with everything you need right at your fingertips.

In the same vein, boutiques like Come by Chance are hard to come by as well. Come by Chance clearly prides themselves on the quality and uniqueness of their product. It doesn’t take long to tell that every item in the shop was handpicked with the most discerning eye. Many of the shops you pop into along Talbot Street carry similar (albeit very popular) brands and often times the same lines within a brand. It isn’t until you walk into Come by Chance that you feel a uniqueness that isn’t found elsewhere in town. However, keeping it that way is proving to be more than a full time job.

In talking with Annee, Debbie and team we found that they wanted to even further delineate themselves from the other shops. There is a growing challenge for shops to stay unique, but still appeal to a wide array of shoppers. This is where we came in! We knew we could collaborate to create something that was universally appealing as eastern shore motif, but uniquely Come by Chance. We worked to create a custom collection that can only be found in their shop. Never will you see another piece of Maizie Clarke product bearing the Come by Chance blue crab, skipjack or lighthouse. Not in St. Michaels, not anywhere. Each of the pieces is also co-branded with the Maizie Clarke and Come by Chance logos on the back, authenticating them even further.

We loved working with the team during the creative process. The ideas and communication bouncing back and forth made it even more clear how important their shoppers are to them- they wanted the best and only that.

What are you doing to make your shop different from other shops in town, on the same street in the same category? Every shop has a story to tell… how are you going to tell yours best through your products? What’s uniquely yours and no one else’s?

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