Hey Good Lookin’, Whatcha Got Cookin’?

We love cooking up fun ideas for all of our clients. What we love even more is when a potential client comes to us with a career long dream that we can help fulfill!

We met Beth Greenwell Carter one fateful day at the Derby-themed taping of Top Chef in Louisville, Kentucky. It didn’t take long after we met (and hit it off, naturally) before we were swapping details of our creative endeavors.

Beth is a trained pastry chef and owns B’s Bakery in Frankfort, Kentucky. However, don’t let the name fool you. B’s is so much more than a bakery. Not only does she offer the best sweet treats around, but she also offers lunch, adorable baking classes for kiddos and she runs a full-service catering business. When we say we don’t know how she does it all, we really mean it. She must have some secret recipe for how to sprinkle extra hours in the day!

B’s is unique in its own right, but Beth is always finding ways to be a step above. Once we had made fast friends, she got down to business. With a twinkle in her eye she asked us if we had ever created custom packaging for bakeries or anyone else. While we are quite well-versed in creating custom product for our clients in many different mediums, we had not done (and had not been approached with) any custom packaging projects. This opportunity to venture into something new was beyond exciting for us. It allowed us to not only work with Beth to make one of her dreams come true, but it also pushed us creatively and professionally. How were we to create a piece of packaging that would be adorable, affordable, durable and multi-use (usable for different size cupcake boxes, cookie boxes, etc)? We came up with some design ideas and took them to a packaging supplier hoping for the best. We knew we were at their mercy to tell us if the design was going to be something that would be feasible from a cost and production standpoint. Luckily, with some tweaks and collaborating with all three parties, we had a prototype in no time at all! The B’s Bakery custom sleeve was a true dream come true for all involved.

Beth made it easy by giving us her vision up front. We met with her a few different times to make sure we had a feel for her bakery and her style. Trust us, it wasn’t a trip we minded taking (our new motto may as well be “will travel for cookies”). Her bakery offered the most perfect inspiration for the custom packaging! Located in a historic downtown building on Main Street, the old facade was just as picturesque as it could be for a slew of themed illustration options. We could have really gone nuts illustrating the facade for Christmas, Halloween, Derby, Valentine’s Day, 4th of July and many other national and local holidays and events! However, in the interest of time and not having to hold boxes and boxes of stock, we picked a few of Frankfort’s heavy hitters. Beth now has a sleeve for Christmas, Halloween, Derby and an “everyday” sleeve that can be festooned with seasonal stickers to adjust accordingly. We had so much fun cooking up all of the details of this custom packaging project! The decorative sleeves bring a little extra delight to Beth’s customers when they come in to pick up a treat for that someone special (or for themselves)!

What special projects can we help you concoct? We love to think outside of the (cupcake) box to help our clients’ dreams become reality. The sky really is the limit when working with Maizie Clarke!